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Errors Made by a Translator
(Chinese to English)

XXXXXXXX, located in XXXXXXXXXX is a professional translation institute (1) (2) incorporated under approval (3) of the concerned (4) authorities (5) of Shanghai.

(1) "service" would be better.
(2) "that was" or "that has been" should be inserted.
(3) "with the approval" or "by the approval" would be better.
(4) Poor choice of words. "legal" would be better.
(5) "Government" may be a better choice of words.

For (6) long time, we have provided our service to the entities as follows: (7) governmental institute (8), international enterprise (9), project construction entity (10), engineering research institute (9), designing institute international organization (11) and publishing house, etc. Relying on our professional translation team, advanced computer technology support, standardized operating procedure, strict quality tracking administration system, and as well as remote cooperation with overseas relevant activities, we are contributing to bring efficient and specialized (12) language solutions to our customer. The evaluation we have acquired from our customers have exactly proved our success and great effort in the field. (13)

(6) Insert "a"
(7) "following types of organizations" would be better.
(8) Use "government"
(9) Use "business"
(10) Delete.
(11) "international design institute"
(12) "strive to bring effective and customized"
(13) "Our customer evaluations provide testimony to our efforts and success."

The company starts with our (14) commitment to be close to (15) our customers and understand(16) their changing needs. We have always emphasized on offering our (17) sincerity and professional service to our customers.

(14) "Our work begins with a" may better express the idea.
(15) "work closely with" is better.
(16) Insert "to" before "understand"
(17) "stressed the need to provide sincere and professional service" may be better.

With the development (18) of the (19) society, the specification (20) of work is getting (21) more and more detailed (22), meanwhile with the appearance (23) of the internet and its quick (24) popularity and application, with the gradual merging of Chinese economy into world economy, the communication between multi- (25) languages are demanded (26) more frequently, and the language as a tool of communication is taking the role more and more important, (27) therefore we are here ready to provide our best package of translation services to you so that you needn"t (28) worry any more about the inconvenience of the (29) foreign language brought to you, you can freely and completely devote____ (30) to your specialized (31) business and leave the language problem to us:

(18) use "growth"
(19) delete.
(20) No suggestion
(21) Use "becoming"
(22) Use "complex"
(23) Use "emergence"
(24) Use "fast-rising"
(25) Use "among many"
(26) Use "required"
(27) Use "assuming a more and more important role"
(28) Use (') instead of (")
(29) Use "a"
(30) Insert "yourself completely"
(31) delete

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